Take Me Where The Shimmering Lights Are Fading Out
Through the shadows of hate and through the fires of grace, I followed the voice in the night, beautiful as black sky, but nothing I found

Elizabeth / 20 / Canada / Freelance Artist


Work-in-progress shots of some of my ladies

The one of Shadis on the left is indeed my current icon, I forgot about the drawing all together and realized it was going somewhere, so I’m fixing it up and working on it again!

1” pin-back buttons are now available on my storenvy! I have plenty left over from Edmonton Expo so I’ll give selling them online a go c:

So ECEE was great! I had tons of fun, even though sales were less than adequate compared to other conventions I’ve attended… But ECEE has been getting worse and worse for selling my art at in the last couple years, but it won’t stop me from attending next year considering I do have tons of fun at the expos, and I guess some profit is better than no profit!

It was awesome being able to see so many of my friends again, I also met and spoke with a few artists! Sab's table was right across from me and Emily's table so that was awesome, I like being conveniently close to my artist friends hehe.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Joy Ang this weekend as well and Emily and I got some adorable cat stickers and a print from her. She was very sweet and even stopped by our table and bought some prints and stickers from us as well, which was super flattering since she’s one of my most favorite artists! (It pretty much made my weekend haha, I never get to meet my favorite artists)

I spent a lot of time with Palaven on Sunday, she was wearing her Merrill cosplay and looked perfect as always ;) We went to a panel with Raphael Sbarge and Mark Meer too, it was mostly Q&A but was still pretty entertaining.

On to Otafest Aurora in November! I’ve never sold at Aurora, so I hope it goes well c:

Me and vaahlkult's table at ECEE, come check us out this weekend ;)

XL Skins now in stock, I only have a limited number available for sale online as I’d like to have plenty in stock for this weekend, after ECEE I’ll restock online what I didn’t sell!

XL Skiiiiiiiiiiins

The plotter was awesome and didn’t cut one side of all the skins so I have to do that all by myself, thank you plotter. After that I need to weed them, package them, and they’re ready to go (;

Bonus custom Section 9 skin I made for my boyfriend:

painting fabric folds more like *fart noises*


oooh gosh lol

I won’t have XL skins made until maybe later into the week, but Vaahlkult and I finally corrected the template for the XL skins well enough that we can finally start printing them c:

I finally made more renegade/paragon decals, they’re available for $5 each in my store! 

I have Okami 3DS skins made and available in my Storenvy store now! Unfortunately I don’t have any 3DS XL skins made yet as I’m waiting for my sister to complete her template for us to use. XL skins should be available quite soon, I’ll keep you guys updated! I’ll also be selling these at Edmonton Expo next weekend (Sept 26-Sept 28) and my sister Vaahlkult and myself will be available to do applications if you bring your 3DS with you c:

The plotter also managed to successfully damage one of the interior skins so I have one exterior skin available by itself for $5 less if anyone’s interested in that instead. If I don’t sell it online right away I’ll probably try and sell it at ECEE next weekend!