Take Me Where The Shimmering Lights Are Fading Out
Through the shadows of hate and through the fires of grace, I followed the voice in the night, beautiful as black sky, but nothing I found

Elizabeth / 19 / Canada / Freelance Artist


I tend to be an asshole about cosplaying characters with designs I find too simple so I redraw them to be complex enough that when I begin making the costume I just hate life

I’ve been wanting to cosplay FP for the longest time and her cute lil dresses are damn cute but I’m going to opt for badass ruler armor, this is something I might start on for a convention next year though so I won’t start it any time soon at all lol

So I took this poopoo drawing I made 2 years ago and went over and spiffed it up a lot since the original I just whipped up in an hour for a convention, I want to sell it as a print again but it needed to meet my current standards so I essentially traced over the whole thing but recolored and changed it quite a bit overall aside from the pose. 

Vaahlkult and I’s dookie table set up (Photo featuring yours truly <3 )  from this weekend lol, we kind of rearranged some stuff after to make it look a bit better but

one day we’ll get the display right, we’ve only been doing this for like 3 years now pbbbt

Ah yes, walked out of Animethon with substantial wad of cash and more good memories. Athon will always be my convention man, couldn’t be happier with the outcome this year, it just gets better and better. 

Saturday was a complete blast, going to conventions makes me realize over and over how amazing all my friends are because literally all of my friends were there yesterday and it was just so much fun hanging out with all of them together haha.

On top of that seeing old artist friends as well as making new ones was fantastic, the artists in some of the tables around mine were just stellar individuals and it was a pleasure to meet them, I can’t wait to see them again at future conventions they’re just such swell people gosh.

I also took a bunch of sketch commissions which I typically never do at conventions because I always get to busy. And if I do them its usually just 1 or  2 over the course of the whole con, but this weekend I did like 9 which is rad. I guess all the traditional art I’ve been focusing on lately has me more practiced so I was able to just belt them out like it was nothing and I’m incredibly glad I did because I got some really fun sketches to work on!

Gah I just can’t even handle how much I enjoyed my weekend, thank you everyone who visited me and purchased art or even just stopped by to check things out and chat, it means so much to me! I’ll see you at Edmonton Expo next ;)

Come see my sister Vaahlkult and I at Animethon this weekend! We’ll be at table A48, tell yo friends

(Artist alley is no longer in the multi purpose room on the main campus, but it is now at the Robbins health centre just down the street, for those of you who may not know yet!)

Updated my blog theme, the text is far more legible and there are actual buttons to change pages (I never realized until recently that those were missing, oops!)

Apparently my Storenvy was having trouble accepting payments but I think it should work now, if anyone has problems with my store let me know as soon as you can! Thanks!

Couple of commissions I did for churrios c: Thank friend

A dA point copic commission for swordoftruthiness on deviantArt who helped me renew my premium member subscription there lol

Commission for coffeeandbiotics, thanks again!! I really enjoyed making this one <3