So I finally kind of set up my Storenvy! So far I just have stickers listed, I want to see where I’m at for prints and decals after my next convention before I list any of those.

Some stickers I have left in stock from past conventions, but others I just made and haven’t had the opportunity to print yet so I listed those for pre-order. When I get around to printing more stickers for Animethon in the next week or two I can print any extra for what might have been pre-ordered in my store! If I have any stock left after the convention I’ll have them up as a regular product.

I’m still trying to… figure this all out haha. I’m very new to Storenvy and managing my own products and such in an online store. I’m used to Society6 and how they pretty much do all the work for you haha. Otherwise I sell most of my stuff locally, so doing it online is quite different. Shouldn’t take me very long to have a good grasp of it though, I catch on pretty quick 

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My shirt from weissidian's Society6 store came in today AND I AM FREAKING it is adorable. I can’t wait to wear it out ;)

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Anonymous: "what conventions are you considering going to?"

So far I have a table at Animethon next month 

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Anonymous: "are your pokemon stickers for sale?"

Well yeah, but at this point I’m only making them to sell at conventions. I’ll have them up in an online store soon hopefully! I haven’t actually got the chance to print them or anything but I’ll keep everyone updated

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Just posting sticker designs out the butt the last few days, I’m really pumped over pokemon lately and very excited for my next con haha


Electric type rodent pokemon babies

I did all of these like a decade ago (except for Dedenne who I added like 10 minutes ago), pretty sure it was the first set of stickers I ever made and printed for conventions and just stopped producing them for like a year or two? I touched up on a few of them since some looked kind of off. I’m gonna start printing these as stickers and selling them again soon!

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Mega Pokes sticker/keychain designs! Did Mega Charizard Y because I have Y version and like Charizard Y more lol

I guess also because I had to narrow down the amount of sticker designs I’m doing to make time for other ones before Animethon, I’ll probably make Mega Charizard X at some point though!



I have to re-open commissions!

My mother and I have decided to treat my little sister to a trip to Disneyland. This isn’t exactly an easy feat for us to organize, and due to distance & time we’ll need to save up $2500 CAD each at the bare minimum.

Over the last few years my sister has had quite a few problems with  her health, like most of our family, and she’s had to have some surgery earlier this year. She’s recovering well, but it looks like she’ll have to have more surgery again in the near future to hopefully fix everything once and for all. My mother and I thought that a trip out to California, to see Disneyland and meet a friend of hers there, would be just the thing she needs.

Now the problem is we both need to raise up the money for it. We’re planning on leaving early October so we need to raise the money by mid-September at the latest. I only have about $300 saved out of the $2500. The $2500 also only includes flight, hotel and tickets. Food, drink, sunscreen, rental cars, and everything else we may need isn’t included in that number either.

I’m offering commissions to try to make that minimum $2500 USD.

Normally I’d offer all my art styles, but this is just for my ‘chibi’ style artwork.
You can see more examples of my work here and here.

  • If you’d like to commission me, please send an ask here on tumblr or email me at
  • All prices are in USD. I only accept payment through paypal.
  • Overly complex designs may be charged for the additional time put towards the commission. (This rarely applies, so don’t worry about this) 

Even if you’re uninterested in commissioning me, I would really appreciate each and everyone who would be able to signal boost this for me. I really want to make this trip a reality for my sister. Thank you!

I’m also raising money via GoFundMe! For those who donate, they will receive rewards for their donation. Please take a look!


Ey so my sister brought her car in today to get a single problem fixed, but instead the people she brought it into found a whole bunch of other problems and fixed them instead without fixing the problem she brought her car in for in the first place!

With that they charged her over twice as much as she originally intended to pay and the damage came to about $500 which ain’t cool at all. On top of that she literally just moved into her new apartment and has rent and groceries to pay for!

If you’d like to help her out she has a storenvy you can take a looksy at. She has pretty damn outstanding art available as prints, keychains, stickers, decals, and so on. 10/10 would recommend.

I don’t even know if she made her own post regarding this whole poopoo deal but I’m making my own post for it anyways, you can find her art blog here to see more of her stellar work!


So I just remembered I no longer have a scanner, so if I finish anyone’s commissions I won’t be able to scan them and send them to you right away. I have every intention of buying my own scanner reaaal quick so it shouldn’t be too long, but I could even just send you a crappy phone quality photo if you really wanted haha (so professional)

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