Take Me Where The Shimmering Lights Are Fading Out
Through the shadows of hate and through the fires of grace, I followed the voice in the night, beautiful as black sky, but nothing I found

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Becoming a lil obsessed with how I draw hair digitally lately

I thought I’d lost my ability to do digital work anymore with all the copic/ink/sketch drawings I’ve been doing but I guess it translated over to my digital art very nicely and I’ve improved noticeably :0

Wow these are things that are making my decision a bit easier, I think I’ll opt for some smaller courses and that might put me in the right direction. I have spoken with people from BioWare and inquired how to get an artist job in the game industry, what they’ve told me personally is just apply, if you have the talent they’re searching for you’ll get it, if not, keep working towards it and try again, so some places don’t much care for education, but I do know a lot of places do, I don’t know if I’ll ever work in a big corporate place like BioWare but it’s good to know what they have to say on the matter but it won’t deter me from getting formal training just because a few people at a big company said so. My boyfriend has so many connections I’m sure he can give me a hand getting my foot in the door as well and help me get some work experience. I’m just gonna go for what I know I’ll need for education, if there’s any other extra stuff I want to jump into to widen the playing field a bit more I’ll go for it. 

sappholovesemily: The world is a very aggressive place. You are extremely talented...but what gives an artist an edge in the professional field is some type of formal training. You don't even have to take the entire course, you can just take a few classes to shove on the resume saying that you did do some schooling. Employers like to see validity. You are talented enough to go without education, but formal training is a competitive asset to you in a thankless field of work.

So would taking a few inexpensive summer courses be good enough then? I don’t want to throw myself into a 10 month $15000 program just so I can maybe get a job with it. My boyfriend told me he knew someone who too the same course I want to take and they wash dishes for a living to pay their bills. Being an artist is one of the biggest pain in the ass career paths, I just don’t want to spend a substantial amount of money if it’s not going to be worth it, and it’s such a difficult decision to make because I can’t foresee where I might be after college. I feel like narrowing it down to what people want out of an artist, which seems to be mostly 3D artists as opposed to 2D, is what I should go for. I’m not sure if this school has that to offer and maybe some summer classes at another school would give me a better chance. It’s still a formal education, just less substantial?

I’m so bad at this pfft

I’m so horribly conflicted on whether or not I should go to college, the last time I made a post regarding this I got a lot of incredibly different opinions and it didn’t give me a lot of help because I had few people write a mile long message about why it was either good, horrible, or in between haha..

My boyfriend said he didn’t get much out of school for the programming courses he took and mostly taught himself and got a lot of work experience and he knows people who went into the same 10 month program I intend on going into and they said they got nothing out of it, it was mostly a waste of money.

This school is the only school I can afford unless I want to take out loans to go to ACAD and be in debt forever, but I spent the last 2 years saving up money for the purpose of being debt free. Don’t get me wrong Guru is a very pleasant looking school which I’m sure plenty of people have gotten what they want out of it, but my boyfriend said with my skill level I wouldn’t get much out of it at all apart from it looking really good on my resume.

All I know I need out of an education is more discipline, basically just a kick in the ass to get things done, and I don’t want to drop nearly $15,000 on discipline and something that looks good on my resume, I just don’t think it’s worth it.

Cory has been helping me look for small concept art jobs I could kind of jump into to get work experience, but a lot of people want 3D modellers, I figured I could just take a summer class at Pixel Blue that’s like $300 or $400 and learn how to 3D model and that would help get my foot in the door with some small companies. And honestly I’d rather spend a few hundred dollars rather than more than a few thousand on something I need.

I figure if I don’t have college education on my resume, I could get a bunch of work experience to throw onto it and that might even be fine? Cory has like 100x more experience than I do with video game companies and other stuff relevant to my interests career wise because he’s been working with this kinda thing for more than a few years, he figures if I learned 3D modelling and got a bunch of work experience and did some small projects with him over a few it would be enough to put me in the right direction

What do you guys think? :/ I’ve spent so much time talking this over with my boyfriend and he said it’s all up to me. I happen to be the most indecisive person on the planet haha.

Wanted to make a shiny new full color ref of Shadis! This one I drew 2 years ago has become a bit dated. I saved the nude base of her so I’ll probably mess around with making more solid references of her other outfits and armor. 

Quite happy to see my improvement compared to the old image. :)

Thing from a while ago that I won’t bother finishing

An OC that I sketch a lot and I just wanted to see her in color :P



My store has been moving a little slow since I opened it, so I’m offering free shipping on some of my sticker sets for a week!

Last day for this!

cakeisforrobots: I saw your pumpkaboo gijinka and was wondering if you would be okay if I did a cosplay of it? I figured I should ask for permission before I set anything in stone.

I’ve been getting a lot of messages about this haha, yeah anyone is allowed to use my design with credit, as well as that I’d love to see pics if you complete it!


My store has been moving a little slow since I opened it, so I’m offering free shipping on some of my sticker sets for a week!

Last day for this!

Old giveaway drawing for spicyshimmy!