Take Me Where The Shimmering Lights Are Fading Out
Through the shadows of hate and through the fires of grace, I followed the voice in the night, beautiful as black sky, but nothing I found

Elizabeth / 20 / Canada / Freelance Artist


A dA point copic commission for swordoftruthiness on deviantArt who helped me renew my premium member subscription there lol

Kayleigh was showin’ me her drawings of pretty lady turians in dresses and I wanted to draw one uvu

I drew a naked Nyreen????

Commission for Marsh on dA!

Commissions are OPEN

Commission for piratearr!

This came out a lot better than I expected, considering I’m not used to doing digital lineart

Drew my boyfriend

Yep drawing this definitely made me emotional for some reason

I always see people make human versions of some of the Turian characters

I did it the other way around. Turian Femshep yesyes, kinda wanna try this with other races too.

I really love drawing N7 armor oh my god it is so beautiful